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Sunday, November 15, 2009 [♥] 5:27 PM

dearest damn diary ..
Another random day .
Sry I took soo long turh actually post &
update you .

Work had me goin crazy.
Waking up oh soo early in the morning,
But yet cumin in office soo late -.-
From 9am turh 9pm,
shucks, I'm dead den dead.
Or deader? No, not a word.
Sore throat,
'Beautiful voice',
Runny nose,
Unstoppable cough.
R.I.P -.-

Just so you know, I never thought you were a nice guy.
Yeah you mayb the one who's always been there turh
keep me standin tall. But when I came turh think of it,
Your nothin but just a piece a shit.
You had me go soo 'gaga'over our past 6-7 mnths tgr,
But I was wrong cus nw it doesnt matter.
Not anymore.

You told little things on when they 'Made me famous',
Promising that you NEVER take in their words.
So I guess your soo yesterday,
Urghs gay.

Lisen turh them. No wait, you alr did.
Oh, laughs. I 'used' you.
Dang, wtv.
I'm sry.


Friday, October 09, 2009 [♥] 10:17 PM
I am dying already :(
I'm missing you terribly
Today's our 7th monthsary
happy anniversary dumbdumb
And i am not gonna forget this very day
silly you and me .
Baby i loves you a lot !


Tuesday, September 29, 2009 [♥] 2:53 PM
"Thankyou, Goodnight!" , Smiles.
dearest damn diary ...
My Biggest Fear : God.
Be back when N's are over.
Wish me luck !
Miss me ((:


Wednesday, September 23, 2009 [♥] 6:09 PM

dearest damn diary ...
Back ((: Thanks Baby , fer updatin here .
laughs , din noe my blog cud even turned out
turh be a diary fer you :p lols .
So anyw , had ALOT of things
going through my mind lately ..
I'm sry if couldn't stop whatever dat's
happening .
I'm not God . He has da rights turh
make things happen . He'll list down
da things dat is alr goina happen&as
a matter of fact , we kant change it .
Things will be falling apart , I knew it .
I just gotta prepare myself&be strong .
But whatever it is ,
Dearest God, I pray turh you..
Whatever obstacles that is goina have turh
fall on me, please please..
Don't let it happen now ..
I've suffered enough pain&I don't want
my love ones turh be dragged down with me ..
Keep me strong&give me guidance turh da correct
&brighter paths. Amin.


Sunday, September 20, 2009 [♥] 8:57 PM

HELLO ! JONAS here :) well basically I'm here to make BABY'S blog alive . Muhaha
Like YOU , readers would read the post i post like that . Most of the post are filled with pictures only no words to entertain you all . SOOO boring hor ! BUT Readers ! Can't blame her hor , she's busy preparing for Hari Raya this few days okay xD

Those picture just posted is about this few days , we been to Malaysia and Geylang to shop for Hari Raya clothes and stuff .
Okay . Let's talk about the trip to Malaysia first .
It's a last minute plan to go to Malaysia , during school time BABY text me suddenly ( RARE LEH hahas ) and asked me whether wanna go to Malaysia since her mum asked me to join them . LOLS ! of cos i agree without hesitating lah . It's the time where i could spend my day with BABY okay (imissherimissherimissher) ! So after school rush home and quickly get change and meet up with baby and her mum :D shop shop shop , bought lots of thing . Lots of things to carry too .
Enough i think :x . Go see those picture we took that day BELOW !

next next next . When to Geylang to shop .
When there with Baby and baby's mum then meet up with zizi and baby's god brother .
wow ! soo crowded over there , we gotta squeeze squeeze AND squeeze . Worst still , THE WEATHER IS SOOO HOT ! Everyone sweating .. pheww .. ANDAND alot of GAYS sia , but didn't manage to get picture of them . Yea the next day , which is today is Hari Raya ! But we still happily shopping till the very next morning ! OMG ! Everyone was soo tired . Baby must be very tired now uh , endure for awhile more .. Going home soon ..

OKAYOKAY ! That's all .
Baby :( i miss you badly .
Reached home and we'll RING okay ?
ilovesyou baby .

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